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PRIFAN is a commodity company Including sales and trading; physical; financing and equity investment; research and strategy; investment products. Focused on early stage in exploration and appraisal opportunities mainly in Western African and Following its IPO in June 2012, the Company has moved quickly to assemble an exciting portfolio of exploration prospects offshore in Nigeria and Namibia.

The Company Prifan has a highly experienced management team with a proven track record of generating significant shareholder value in the oil and gas industry.

The company Prifan is establish in three main activities which are Crude Oil exploration and marketing.

With more than 10 years' intensive involvement in the global energy sector, Prifan has long-standing financial services expertise with a dedicated focus on this complex industry.

Utilising our trading presence in oil and oil products, natural gas, power, carbon emissions and coal products, Prifan combines activities in the physical and financial markets to create highly effective and bespoke risk management solutions for clients across the energy asset class.

We focus on tailored solutions and offer services to clients in all areas of the energy value chain:

exploration and development
production and generation
storage and transportation
marketing and retail

Our clients include producers, refiners, airlines, utilities and shipping companies, to which we provide:

access to markets
structured finance
risk management solutions
credit intermediation
Equity participation in energy projects

We also provide clients with direct market access to the physical markets in European Gas and Power

We work with other crude oil & other petroleum products buyer and seller mandates, small, medium and large companies, corporations and governments. We work fast and very hard while paying attention to detail to achieve satisfaction for both crude oil buyers and sellers.

We have contacts for BLCO, SLCO, Iraqi light crude oil, AGO, D2 Diesel fuel, JP54 Jetfuel, Mazut 100, REBCO & much more

We have access to a great number of potential crude oil sellers of genuine Nigerian Bonny light crude oil, BLCO, Saudi Light Crude Oil, SLCO, Iraqi Light Crude Oil. We also have access a host of refined petroleum product sellers in the industry to broker or facilitate the buying and selling of Bonny Light Crude Oil, BLCO, Saudi Light Crude Oil, Iraqi Light Crude Oil, AGO, D2 diesel, JP54 Jetfuel, Mazut, LPG, REBCO etc.

Since for buyers and sellers of crude oil and other petroleum products, we trade and deal directly with End-Buyers such as reputable and willing crude oil buyers or oil refineries that have the available funds to purchase Nigerian Bonny Light Crude oil, BLCO, Saudi Light Crude Oil, Iraqi Light Crude Oil, D2 Diesel oil JP54 Jetfuel, Mazut 100, REBCO and more. We deal only with Buyer's Mandate and End Buyers. We avoid long broker chains that slow the sales process.

The buyers and sellers that we deal with are usually reasonable in their expected sale procedures. We have procedures that quickly connect up end-buyer and end-seller brokers or facilitators to speed up the buying process


If you are a buyer of Nigerian bonny light crude oil, Iraqi Light Crude Oil, Saudi Light Crude Oil other petroleum products or a seller and need our services, please use the information below or the form on the right to contact us on +44 2079657527.